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Michael P. Zelig, MD Sanjiv P. Amin, DO


To Whom It May Concern :

I was introduced to Progastro-8 by Halim Karam. I am well aware of the utility of probiotics in the treatment of gastrointestinal disease. I have used them in diarrheal illnesses, irritable bowel syndrome, and a variety of functional GI disorders. Up until using Progastro-8, I had variable success in the treatment of these problems. I have now used Progastro-8 for the past 3 to 4 months on over 20 patients and have seen very good success in the majority of my patients.

I have seen improvement in frequency and consistency of bowel movements in the patients with diarrhea. It has been especially useful in my patients who have been treated for an infectious diarrhea and need to restore the beneficial flora in their gut.

I have seen patients with severe bloating, unresponsive to other conventional therapies, respond to probiotic therapy with Progastro-8. They state they have tried other probiotics, medications, and all kinds of yogurt without success. I am just now seeing patients return for additional supplies of Progastro-8 where there was no success before!

I am glad to have added Progastro-8 to my armamentarium in the treatment of multiple gastrointestinal disorders, including hard to treat irritable bowel syndrome patients. I look forward to even more success in the future as more patients begin taking it.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to know more details of my treatments with Progastro-8. I also hope in the future that there will be forthcoming research to confirm the success I have had with Progastro-8.


Michael P.Zelig, M.D

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Dear Pro-Bio,

On behalf of my patients I would like to thank you for providing an effective alternative in the treatment of various gastrointestinal disorders. I was introduced to the concept of Probiotics and initially I was skeptical of the claims I’d read in some health related magazines. A close friend told me that they had tried PRO-GASTRO 8 and stated that it was the most effective product they had tried which helped their irritable bowel syndrome. Shortly, after doing more research on probiotics, I instituted PRO-GASTRO 8 into my practice. With little surprise several of my patients with irritable symptoms were able to live a more normal life. I also recommended it to other patients with various forms of colitis and similarly obtained successful results. What was most surprising to me was the cost effectiveness of the product compared to prescription medications. A consistent finding from all my patients was that they had not experienced any adverse effects to the product. I would like to thank you for providing a successful alternative in the management of these difficult to treat gastrointestinal disorders. My patients have appreciated it so much they have referred me new patients.


William Alvarez D.O.Board Certified in Family Practice

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Dear Pro Bio:

I’ve been very pleased with your product since I started carrying in my practice earlier this year. My patients with dyspepsia, bloating and IBS have found much relief. I just underwent a bowel resection this past October 2006, and this product, your Pro Gastro 8, reestablished my bowel function back to normal very quickly after my surgery.

I am very happy and will continue to recommend this wonderful product to all my patients.

The use of probiotics have been gaining much more acceptance in clinical practice as a way to regain bowel function after antibiotic use, surgical procedures and some other bowel problems, Pro Gastro 8, in my humble opinion is the leader of the pack.


Luis A. Logrono, MD

Certified, Am. Board Int. Med.


Hasan Medical Center

7524 N. Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33614

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Dear Pro-Bio

After about a month of having my most difficult colitis patients try your product, I am impressed with the results I am seeing so far.

I am very aware of the little scientific support of anecdotical reports but the results observed so far call for a more formal review of this promissing product.

Several of my most difficult patients were given samples of Pro-Gastro 8 and after few days their always-upset bowel movements started to get more regular. Symptoms were less prominent and the level of social functionality was very much improved.

I hope to see more of your products available to our patients and I am sure the medical community will welcome this product as one of the most appreciated tools in gastrointestinal management.


Tarik Hasan,M.D.





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To Whom It May Concern:


I am a registered Dietitian with 23 years of experience. Undoubtedly, the concept behind Progastro 8 is scientifically sound. It is a proven fact that we need probiotics and prebiotics for our general well-being. Unfortunately as we get expose to toxins, these organisms are wiped out. I was introduced to the product a year ago. I tried it first and within two weeks period I started to see positive results. Today, Progastro 8 is the number one selling product in my practice.

I recommend the product to patients for the following conditions:

Dysbiosis, Vaginitis, Leaky Gut, Antibiotic Use, Elevated Cholesterol, Diarrhea, Constipation, Gastrointestinal Disturbances, Loss Appetite, Candida, Bacteria, Parasites, Low HDL levels.

I have notice remarkable results with this conditions.

Dolly Cedeno

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist/ Dietitian


Healthcare Therapy Center

1323 W. Busch Blvd, Suite A  Tampa, FL  33617

1647 Sun City Center Plaza, Suite A  Sun City Center, FL  33573

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To Whom It May Concern :

Even though I was told about Progastro-8 by one of my patient, I was formallll introduced by Halim Karam. I am quite knowledgeable of the effects of probiotics in the treatment of GI diseases.These include diarrheal, irritable bowel syndrome and other GI disorders. I was pleasantly surprised of how well this medication has worked on my patients. It has been about 7-8 months that I have been prescribing Progastro-8 to about 25 patients. None have experienced adverse reactions.

Most of my patients have seen improvement in both frequency and consistency of bowel movements.Those that have been treated for infectious diarrhea and restore beneficial flora have benefited by Progastro-8.

Some patients have statedthat they have tried other probiotics, medications, and kinds of yogurt without the success that they have experienced with Progastro-8.

I am looking forward to more success in the future as more patients begin taking this medication. I certainly want you to have the same success as I.

Contact me if you have questions or want to discuss various treatments with Progastro-8.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Magaly P. DiCanio, D.O.M.A.P.


Dear Prebiotique,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. I am 45 years old and I have had problems with chronic infections for the last four years of my life. Needless to say, I had been on several antibiotics which had actually killed the good flora/bacteria in my system. Therefore, I had no good bacteria left to keep the bad bacteria in check so kept getting chronic infections and had to go to the doctor what seemed like constantly. After being on Prebiotique 8 for several months for the first time in four or five years I have my normal bacteria back, no infections, and no doctor visits. I started taking the Prebiotique 8 as a last resort and for me so far it is working. I cannot thank you enough. I feel like it has been a miracle in my life.

Kay Davis
Albany, OH


To whom it concerns;

I will try to make this long story short. I have had a long history of Ulcerative Colitis, which included a month and a half stay in the hospital on ivys, at that time the doctors recommended taking out part of my colon, and I would have to have a bagI said, absolutely not. Well that's not exactly what I said; however that was not an option for me. It most definitely was not my idea of a good time. With that my doctor had me taking a prescription medicine called Prednisone, I was also on a sulfa med for maintenance. I did not know the long-term side effects, even though I had asked my Doctor. I had also asked for alternative, possibly holistic treatmentI was told there was none. At that time I did not do the research. Through the years, I have had severe flares up of this, and up until one and a half years ago, had to take Prednisone to calm it. The Prednisone has horrific side effects. I finally had enough, with the flare-ups, the side effects of Prednisone (a steroid) and I started my research for an alternative to Prescription medication for a flare up of the Colitis. I found the Prebiotique 8, was able to do some research on it. What caught my eye were the testimonials from other folks with Colitis. I decided to try this, at least it was natural.

Today, I am a very "Happy Kamper" within one month of trying Prebiotique 8 My intestines, colon were back on track, no more flares up, no more Prednisone, (Bad Medicine). And I feel wonderful, and can actually go for walks without worry of the Colitis and having to be close to a bathroom all the timeI truly am free. And truly the simply things in life, that make me very appreciative, my health!. I will not be without Prebiotique 8, I did run out this past month, and could tell the difference. I called, ordered more, it was at my residence within 2-days. I want to thank who ever sent the Prebiotique 8 so quickly.

I have a much better quality of life, thanks to the Prebiotique product. I cannot thank you enough.

A very appreciative woman,
Suzy Ryan
Ellensburg, Washington


My name is Joann Marel and I have been using Pribiotique 8 for the past 2 months, I am very pleased with the results of these capsules, I ve always had problems with irregularity, bloating and stomach pain. These capsules have helped tremendously. I have become regular, my stomach isnt bloated anymore. I no longer have those sharp pains and Im not bleeding anymore from hard bowl movements, Your product Pribiotique 8 has been a blessing to my health and wellbeing, my daughter who is 21, also suffers as I used to, she has been back and forth to doctors for severe irregularity which has caused her many medical problems.. She took Pribiotique 8, and she is on her way to a normal life.

Thank you for this wonderful product.
Joann Marel
West Babylon, NY


Dear Prebiotique:

My 15 year old daughter, has suffered with a form of IBS since she was a toddler. She is unable to tolerate any type of dairy product. If she does eat dairy products, she suffers with severe cramps, diarrhea and sometimes constipation. A friend of ours recommended she try Prebiotique 8, which helped her tremendously. She takes Prebiotique 8 twice a day, so she could eat dairy products without having to worry about the pain. This is a product that I would recommend to anyone who suffers with any form of IBS. I have seen first hand, how my daughters life has improved. I am thankful for the makers of this product. As is my daughter.

Pat Durinick
New York, New York


Dear Prebiotique:

I've suffered from IBS since I was a teen and am now 29. Over the years it got worse and worse. I've been to university hospitals and had every imaginable test done to try to find out how to fix the problem. There is not one medication I haven't been prescribed and tried but none worked. If a medication did work it only worked for a couple of weeks and then my digestive system seemed to get used to it and it stopped working. I awoke every day in terrible pain and spent most of my day in and out of the bathroom. I went to a chronic pain doctor and became addicted to various prescription narcotics. I lost my job and couldn't work. I lost my will to live. I wasn't able to take care of or spend real quality time with my 18 month old daughter. I was afraid to leave the house because I never knew when my stomach would be uncontrollable and I never felt well enough to do anything. I was a mess and my quality of life was non-existent. My wife found Prebiotique 8 and a testimonial on the internet around my 29th birthday. I had been couch ridden for a year. Unless I was on prescribed narcotics, I couldn't do anything. Prebiotique didn't work at first and I was skeptical, but my wife urged me to keep taking it. Within 2 weeks my digestive system completely turned around for the better. I now feel like a normal human being and am currently looking to go back to work. I don't know why, and still can't believe it works. After all I've been through with doctors and tests, and this natural non-prescription pill works! I want to send the box to all the doctors who treated me to no avail and tell them to pass the word on to any other patients who suffer as I did. It's been almost 3 months on Prebiotique 8 and it's effectiveness only gets better. Prebiotique 8 has truly saved my life because I couldn't have gone on much longer in the state I was in. Thank you Prebiotique. I'm sure there are others like me out there who really need your product as badly as I did so please get the word out and enjoy the success and life changing results of your product.

Jonathan Bailey
New Waterford, Ohio


Dear Prebio

I am writing to thank you for changing my life. I am 29 years old female who has suffered with severe stomach problems for 10 years. I have been to every doctor and specialist, I have had every test run including cat scan and was diagnosed with severe IBS. That's when the doctors tell you they can't help you. I had symptoms so bad I could not eat at one point. I was down   to 89 pounds. I was in pain all day cramping everything that goes  with this horrible syndrome. After 3 days of taking the Prebiotique 8 I could not believe how much better I felt for the first time in 10 years. I had no pain. Its been a month now on your product and I no longer have IBS. To all the IBS sufferers I have tried everything ,Prebiotique 8 is the only thing that worked. There is no need to suffer with this horrible syndrome.

Thank you again Prebio
Always your customer
Lisa Williams,
El Dorado Hills -CA


After being on the program just five days, I already feel the benefits of Prebiotique 8. I don't get that bloating and heaviness after meals. And believe it or not, I actually have a general feeling of lightness, a reduction in the size of my stomach, more energy, and a positive attitude. Thank you for a great product.

Larry Chaiet - Massapequa NY


To inform you that your product,PrebioSkin is working wonderfully for me.I've had some major stress issues in my 47 years of age and believe me,PrebioSkin has made a difference on my muscle tone and wrinkles. "Don't we all want to look and feel younger and have healthy skin tones!!"
Thank you and God Bless you.
Patsy Esslinger - Ft. Madison - Iowa


I can't thank you enough for your product.I had a skin problem for about eight years. When I went through menopause I developed dry skin, and scaly patches on my arms,nothing I did would correct the problem.I even went to a dermatologist,and was told I had to live with it as it was part of aging. I saw Prebiotique 8 advertised in a magazine,and thought it was worth a try.And since it was guaranteed,what did I have to lose. Well I didn't lose,I won! Within two weeks my skin looked wonderful,Now I hardly even have to use lotion.I will never be without Prebiotique 8,and I plan to try your other product PrebioSkin.
Brenda Lewis - Fallbrook, California


Thank you, thank you, thank you...Prebiotique 8 has given me back my "healthy" life again. After being diagnosed with severe colitis over a year ago and months of taking several different antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications that provided absolutely no change in my condition, I saw your ad in a magazine. I was suffering terribly and was ready to try anything. Much to my surprise, Prebiotique 8 stopped all symptoms of my colitis in only 30 days! I informed my doctor that I was taking your product and told her that I continue to have no symptoms as long as I continue taking Prebiotique 8. Naturally, she was skeptical but she cannot dispute the fact that all symptoms have disappeared and only reappear when I stop taking Prebiotique 8. Thank you for helping me to regain the pleasure of being able to enjoy my life again.
Karen Wick - Rosamond, CA


Your product is amazing. Being a nurse and a researcher, I was skeptical at first, but decided to give Prebiotique 8 a try. I was often uncomfortable and had frequent abdominal bloating and pain and nothing I've tried ever helped. I experienced relief within 7 days which has continued ever since I started using Prebiotique 8. I am so pleased with the results and I hope I can share this with others who suffer needlessly with abdominal pain and distention.
Thank you!
June Lato Leonia,NJ


I'm writing in regards to your wonderful product. I had been having stomach trouble for weeks. I finally went to the doctor who did blood test and said I had ulcers which had caused an infection in my digestion tract called pillory. I took tons of pills for 3 months still didn't feel any better. My doctor referred me to an internist, he did more test and gave me more pills, this all started in July 1999.
Finally I saw your add and I ordered your product. After two weeks on Prebiotique 8 I had quit all the prescriptions the doctor had given me, my white blood count was very low and since I have been on your product it started to slowly climb back to normal.
Thank you for your wonderful product.
Edith Cachenaut - Victorville,CA


I want to take this opportunity to say thank you.  Just two weeks after taking Prebiotique 8, my stomach problems all disappeared.  I was always constipated, tired and uncomfortable, I tried many products, but none worked, I now have more energy and I feel and look great. Thank you, Prebitique 8
Patty Keeshan - Selden, NY.


Prebiotique 8 is the closest thing to a magic bullet.  Your digestive problems will fly away.  Skin will glow and eyes will shine!  Try it you'll like it. It makes you, ooh, feel sooo good!  There is no better product and I have tried them all for the past ten years.
JSV - "The Villages" Florida, 32159


I can't imagine there is anyone who couldn't benefit from Prebiotique 8-but no one could benefit more than I have!
For most of my life I've been plagued (and I do mean plagued!) with a host of problems stemming from IBS, in less than a week, Prebiotique 8 began changing all that. It is literally changing my life. And I am so very grateful!
Judy Jackson - Williamsville,NY


To whom it may concern: 
I want to thank you for Prebiotique 8.I have been swelling in my stomach for 24 years and I have tried everything from Doctors medicines to over the counter and nothing has worked for me until I tried Prebiotique 8. May God bless the one that invented this medicine. I don't feel as full as I did before taking this medicine. I hope and pray that I can always have the money to buy your product. Thanks again.
Mary L. Warren
Oak Ridge,NC


Thank you Prebiotique 8. It is hard to describe how grateful I am for your product. After years of coping with the multiple symptoms of IBS and having to always take medication before eating, Prebiotique 8 is a real blessing. The prescription medication is no longer needed. What freedom! It is also very nice not to be continuously putting chemicals into my system all the while knowing that the symptoms are being masked, not treated. Also - many thanks to Karen for her always courteous and speedy service.
Phoebe Hayes


Few people can say that their abdominal problems began at birth.
Unfortunately, I was born with a twisted colon.  At age 2 I had to be hospitalized because I would writhe with pain, and nothing was able to soothe me.  Nothing, that is, until I began taking Prebiotique 8.  After nearly 50 years of abdominal distress, three days of taking Prebiotique 8 has left me pain free.  To be able to manufacture a product that can relieve the suffering of so many people should make you feel wonderful.  As wonderful, I hope, as I do.
Sincerely, Paula K.
Kingstown- RI.


I have been using Prebiotique 8 for almost two weeks now and my bowel movements have changed.  They are looser.  I am not as bloated and do not have the gas pains as before. I did reduce from two pills to one a day which is better for me.  Thanks for providing such a good product.  I have been to the gastroendo Drs. Who only prescribed medication and said to keep a diary of my diet.  This pill is wonderful.
Rena Minahane


For many many years I had intestinal problems. I was told by numerous doctors that I have a twisted colon and then was told that I have a crooked colon. I couldn't eat anything, especially when we go out at restaurants. I always felt heavy bloated and couldn't put any type of food in my mouth. In addition and if I do manage to eat something I use to develop a bad case of constipation. I had to learn what to eat and how to eat. I always was on the look out for any medicine or supplement to try that will help me. After reading about Prebiotique 8, I decided to try it, just 3 or 4 days later I felt that I can eat and I became almost regular. Oh what a relief. Thank you for this wonderful product and I hope they keep it available to us till the infinity.
Patsy Esslinger
Bloomfield, IA


Thank You Dr. Samuel Joseph, your NutraSpine has been a real miracle for me. I’ve been
to many physicians seeking a cure for my back problems. I’ve been told that I am not a
surgical candidate due to my obesity. However, during the last visit to my healthcare
provider I was given samples of Nutra Spine. I am already feeling the difference. My
pain has lessen tremendously and now I feel motivated to start exercising and eating
healthier in order to continue healing my body. I hope others like me will too discover
Melanie 33
St. Petersburg Florida


I am currently taking NutraSpine as a natural alternative to tradition pain medications
because I suffered from many side effects including drowsiness and nausea. I am having
success with NutraSpine. It has help aliviate my neck and back pain with out causing
discomfort or side effects. I intent to continue taking Nutra Spine in conjuction to the
treatment that I an receiving from my doctor.
Roberto 46
Tampa, Florida


I have been seeing my Holistic doctor for several ailments including neck pain due
to an accident several years ago. My doctor recommended I try NutraSpine as a
way of finding relief for my neck pain. After taking it only only for six weeks I am
noticing a significant reduction in pain and am sleeping better a night enabling a
more productive work day.
Maria 52
Miami, Florida